We typically respond to emails within 24 - 36 hours / latest by the weekend, so please feel free to email if we missed your call.

Tiffin Service

Imagine getting fresh, simple North Indian style delicious Punjabi Cuisine all done in an authentic homestyle preparation.

Ready for Pickup, or Delivered to your door on Tuesday 

*Some GTA areas are served on Wednesday

Serving "Ghar Ka Khana" since 1979

* Delivery Schedule : 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM

* Pickup Schedule : 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

* Pickup Address : 71, Jarvis Street, Downtown Toronto

* Traffic, Road and Weather conditions dependant

Our Introduction

About Bombay Palace
Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service is one of the unique features offered by the legendary Bombay Palace Restaurant.

Bombay Palace – Incredibly Indian first appeared in Downtown Montreal nearly 45 years ago in 1976, and can now be found in New York, London(U.K), Kuala Lumpur, Budapest, Beverly Hills and Washington D.C.

Why Tiffin Service from Bombay Palace?

Home Style Food

Our food preparation is simple, home style with fresh, healthy & nutritious ingredients.

We Deliver

Delivery is between 06:00PM to 10:30PM Subject to Traffic, Route Mapping and Weather. Toronto / GTA delivery charges as applicable.

Monthly Package

A month comprises of any 4 weeks for us- You may start on ANY Tuesday – Take a break in-between if you wish & we will pro rate upto 8 weeks.

North Indian style

Our style of preparation is North Indian primarily Punjabi Style. Mild to medium spice. Customization options available.

Halal Meat

We serve HMA (Halal Meat Association) certified meats only.

*We only use Vegetable Oil. No MSG, No Ghee, No Cream, No Butter and Gluten free options available

Our Strength is in Numbers

Package Options
Tiffins Served
Rotis served
KM's Travelled

Steps to your Tiffin order
Guidelines for First-Time consumers

  • Review and select the package best suited to you.
  • Ready to order? Fill the form on our website (www.bptiffin.com)
  • Review the featured Menu. Review permissible modifications.
  • In the Message window /section please mention (any) substitutions.
  • Submit your Tiffin enquiry form. Please FILL all fields accordingly.
  • Tiffin admin typically replies by the weekend.
  • Upon acknowledgement you will get instructions for payment and other details.
  • Upon receipt of payment your order ( Pick up or delivery ) is confirmed.
  • Pick up time–5:30-8:30 pm from the Restaurant (Bombay Palace, 71 Jarvis Street, Toronto).
  • Please expect an email on Tuesday between 5 pm–5:30 pm advising delivery driver details.
  • Delivery day/time – 6-10:30 PM. Always on a Tuesday evening (Few exceptions).
  • Need to contact Tiffin admin? Please email:bptiffin@gmail.com.
  • Typical response time to any e-mail enquiry is within 24 hrs.

Our 3 Tiffin Categories

Each category has 3 packages

Total 9 Tiffin Packages

  • All new subscribers get a first time 5% Discount on any package (food only) as a ‘Try us to Know Us’ incentive except for Meat Lover Packages
  • 8 % Discount offered – Monthly Subscription for Pickup
  • 12 % DiscountMonthly Subscription on Delivery – plus Delivery Charge

Package Prices


2 Schemes   a) Weekly   b) Monthly

Monthly Package - Advantages

Monthly package = Best Value + Higher Savings

Applicable for both ( Pickup/Delivery )

  • Better value for money.
  • Better pricing.
  • MORE Saving (Please see the pdf).
  • A Tiffin month is 4 weeks.
  • You can start on ANY Tuesday.
  • Pause the subscription anytime (can be extended for a total of 8 weeks)
  • Special offers are mostly on monthly packages.
  • Better cost (for you) if shared between consumers.
  • Menu for each week can be customized from the featured week’s menu only
  • Your package is prepared automatically for the following week for the duration of your monthly subscription
  • If you need to pause / put on hold , you are required to send the instructions via e-mail (bptiffin@gmail.com) to the tiffin administrator and again(via email) when to re-start.
  • You are requested to send your hold and restart instructions , customization at the latest by—> Sunday 5 pm
  • While we do understand that ” things happen” we would like to accommodate and work with you to the best of our understanding, operational feasibility and guidelines to avoid errors , costly wastage and to keep our costs down.

Monthly package= Best Value + Higher Savings

Why our Tiffin model is unique?

  • Currently we offer Tiffin service typically once a week – Every Tuesday.
  • Please picture this –> Under normal conditions, ordinarily, most of us would cook food on the
    weekend for the start of the new week to put us through few or most days of the (new) work week (depending on our lifestyle).
  • We have an established kitchen & a dedicated professional team.
  • We are SAVING you precious time to decide on : 
  • What to Cook?
  • Travel time to Purchase
  • Wait at the cashier line ups
  • Return home – Clean , Cut/chop/ Spend that time to cook – label – store the food.
  • Please EQUATE – Quantify and JUDGE how much you (MAY) have you saved (or spent) doing the above Vs benefitting from our service.
  • WE LISTEN and CARE and always welcome your workable, doable + reasonable suggestions within best possible means !

Kuch Idhar Se ~ Kuch Udhar Se (K.I.K.U)

Weekly Add-on Special (Priced Separately)

  • Can only be ordered with your Tiffin order to avail that special price
  • Weekly changing menu
  • This is Restaurant style preparation
  • Larger quantity (As compared to a tiffin containers)
  • Will be packed along with your Tiffin order
  • No extra delivery charges
  • Cannot be substituted with (any) featured Tiffin menu items
  • Weekly dishes in this promotion are different and discounted for Tiffin patrons by approximately 15 to 20%. Prices are all-Inclusive and as specified
  • You may customize your order to your preference of the spice level
  • You may order any quantity as long as it is ordered and paid for with the Tiffin package

Driver's Responsibility

  • Delivery Associate will call upon reaching to be met at the entrance / sidewalk to hand over the package.
  • They are not permitted to go inside houses / appartment / buildings.
  • They will leave the package with the security  / concierge / entrance / designated food table if you are unable to meet / respond to their call as s/he has to move on to the next delivery.

*Responsibility ceases at this point.

Customize Options

You may make the following modifications to your package at NO extra charge

  • Steam Rice instead of Pulao Rice.
  • Chappatis instead of Rice. ( Ratio of 4 chappatis for 1 rice container or vice versa. )
  • Goat dish instead of the featured Chicken dish.
  • 2 pickles or 2 chutneys ( default is 1 of each).
  • Multiple units may be ordered 
  • For example if your package allows you 8 veg curries , you can order all 8 of the same kind.
  • If on a Monthly Plan you may make changes every week as per your preference/ selection from the featured menu. Replace (from the featured) menu with whichever ( dish) you like.
  • You can order extra containers ( Veg or Non veg) at a (reasonable) cost associated, however you cannot replace a veg curry with a non veg curry or replace a dessert or pickle /chutney for another curry.
  • Salad instead of Dessert.

You may replace any Veg curry that you do not like with a Veg curry you prefer from that week’s Featured Menu (only)

Extra food container(s) may also be ordered from the Featured menu:

→ Extra Veg Container : $12.99*

→ Extra Non Veg Container : $14.99*

→ Chappati / Rotis : 0.80* cents
(Minimum 6 pieces or multiples thereof)

*Prices subject to change

**Prices exclusive of taxes

Also check out our Kuch Idhar Se ~ Kuch Udhar Se options here

Cut off Time

For modifications/ customizations is 5PM, Sunday via Email

Email –> bptiffin@gmail.com

*Images are only for illustration purpose

Our Packaging

Round container for Curries : Capacity – 12 oz | Depth – 2 inches (approx) | Width -4.5 inches( approx)

Rectangular Container (Rice) : Length – 8.5 inches (approx.) | Depth – 1.75 inches (approx.) | Width – 4.5 inches (approx.)

People Say


rohit nathrohit nath
15:08 22 Aug 23
We have been BP customers for over a year now. We subscribe to the monthly tiffin package.From the time I first spoke with Rajiv I was impressed by his friendly and empathetic nature. He answered all my questions and guided me very well. Since then BP has walked the talk.Food - fantastic quality, hygienic, home-style preparation, great taste.Service - dependable, consistent, timely, professional.Price - reasonable and appropriate for the food and service provided.Overall my experience has been fantastic and I plan to do business with BP Tiffin for a foreseeable future. If you are looking for tiffin services I would highly recommend BP tiffin.P.S. - I never write reviews so it took me over a year but I just had to acknowledge the great work BP Tiffin is doing.
Karuna SainiKaruna Saini
19:10 07 May 23
I have been getting my Tiffin delivered from last 4+ years and whatever the weather was, I have received my food every week without any issue. I can't thank Rajiv and his team enough for bringing amazing food to our door. Thanks a ton for being so approachable, helping and understanding!!!
Sadanand DGSadanand DG
19:42 30 Apr 23
If I have to pick one word - Either Good or Bad, I would say it is good and I would order it again. However, there is scope of improvement.Pros:Delivery on time.Rotis are really Good.Sweet is good.Dishes are NOT oily.They (I spoke to Rajiv) are polite and accessible.Cons:Couple of curries were too salty. They could have fixed it before they delivered.Couple of curries weren't upto standards where the masala did not blend as a gravy and it separated from water.Quantity is just fine .
Laila AkramLaila Akram
03:09 09 Jan 23
Great food and great costumer service
Mark GreenbergMark Greenberg
04:29 28 Dec 22
Delicious! We have been ordering from BP Tiffin for about a month and love it. Delivery is great too. With the recent arrival of a new baby, it has been absolutely amazing to have this tasty, healthy, and cost-effective food in our fridge each week!! I cannot say enough good things!!! Thanks Rajiv.
Srinita MukherjeeSrinita Mukherjee
03:46 22 Nov 21
I placed an order for catering with Bombay Palace for 8 people and I had such a wonderful experience from start to finish. I'd give this place 10 out of 5 stars if possible. All my requests were fulfilled and Rajiv is a pleasure to work with. He was very professional and considerate. He packed everything perfectly and the food was excellent too. The portions were very generous and communication was on point throughout. Will definitely go for a dine-in experience next time. Thank you Bombay Palace for making my party a success!

“Excellent curries today. Gulab jamun is fresh and soft, not rock solid like a lot of places. Thanks for the taster mixed veg – I’ll mix it up when I’m back , but your paneer’s are a bit too exceptional.”

Anand T - Tiffin Client


“I really enjoy the food, its very good and tasteful. And thanks a lot for your great support.”

Kirti - Tiffin Client


“Thank you for the Extra Treats included in the package. Pleasant surprise.”

Paresh S


“Loved the Biryani. My 3 year old enjoyed every bit and bite.”

Ritika B


“Delivery was seamless and well-coordinated.”

Maninder G


“Thank you for being so flexible and accommodating to my food sensitivities”


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*Images are only for illustration purpose

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