We typically respond to emails within 24 - 36 hours / latest by the weekend, so please feel free to email if we missed your call.


Ordering Tiffin :

Can I order any day of the week?

You may place an order ANY Day but the service happens only on Tuesday evening and limited areas are serviced on Wednesday.

How do I know if my area is serviced?

Pls send us an email to bptiffin@gmail.com prior to filling the form and await a reply from the Tiffin coordinator.

My request is unusual. I can’t find my answer in the permissible modifications?

Pls send an email to the tiffin coordinator( bptiffin@gmail.com ).

I called and left a message but no one got back. What do I do?

E-mail / text is the preferred mode of communication.
Pls send an email to the tiffin coordinator( bptiffin@gmail.com )
Pls text 6478675536

Can I place an order via whats app or text or over the phone?

No. All orders must be routed via the web form( www.bptiffin.com ).

Package queries :

I want a trial package?

We have 2 Trial Packages ( Veg – TP- V &  Non Veg – TP-NV) Please refer to website for details.

Can I replace a Veg Curry for a NON Veg curry ?


Can I replace Pickle/ Chutney or dessert or Roti or Rice for a Curry container?


Do we make food without onion and Garlic?


What do I do if I received an incorrect package?

Pls advise the Tiffin coordinator by 11 pm latest that evening upon receiving the order and send the image(s) of the lid which will have the label to verify.

Beyond that we will not consider this.

What if I need a replacement of the incorrect dish packed?

BP Tiffin will do its best to have it for you the next day or else the week after.

What if the food is not tasty?

Food is made in bulk and years of experience goes into creating that preparation. That preparation is the way the food is made.

What if I I like my food spicy?

Food is mild to medium spiced (Individual tastes vary). Please inform the Tiffin coordinator latest by Sunday 5 pm of your spice preference. Late requests may not be accepted.

Can I pay and get dishes “other” than the featured menu?

The only other dishes you may order with your Tiffin package are items /dishes featured under Kuch Idhar se – Kuch udhar se. You may make a request and it will be handled on a one-on-one basis.

Are containers microwaveable?

Only plastic containers are microwave safe. Do NOT microwave styrofoam containers

What If I Want Extra/ More Empty Microwaveable Containers?

You will be charged extra per container. All Payments are made before hand.

You discovered your container had spilled/ broken upon delivery?

DA also check and are careful while transporting your package. They will verify the same and advise us and only then we can take necessary action.

Delivery :

How soon can I expect my Tiffin package ?

It depends on the city and area you live in. Tiffin coordinator will, in his preliminary correspondence give you an approximate time.

What if I want an early delivery or late delivery?

All DA ( Delivery associates) follow a route best suited, created by them and follow a schedule to ensure timely delivery.

How is delivery coordinated on the day of the tiffin service?

Tiffin Administrator will send you delivery associate details on Tuesday evening latest by 1745 hrs. Delivery Associate (DA) will call and coordinate your package handover.

What happens if I am busy, unable to answer the call?

The DA will handover or leave the package outside your home (If it is a house) or handover to the concierge or leave at the Food drop off table and message you.

What happens if you did not receive a message from the DA?

This may be possible for various reasons. You are requested to please check with the building security/ drop off table or call the DA to check ( in case they forgot to or the message did not go through).

What happens if I don’t find my package on returning?

The responsibility of BP Tiffin ceases once food is delivered.

What happens if Squirrels or Racoons ate my food?

Pls call animal help services.

I want food delivered outside my Apartment door?

DA’s will not enter Houses, Condos or Apartments.

What happens if the DA is unable to answer your repeated calls?

Pls try again as he/she may be busy that moment. Pls call ONLY if necessary (to support safe driving).

What happens if your concierge/ security does not accept food packages?

Pls offer us an alternate beforehand. No order will be taken back and delivered the next day and it will be deemed as “served/delivered” as services by DA are contracted for that day.

I am not free that day and would like food delivered the next day?

Pls confirm beforehand if possible.

You may have to pay a higher delivery charge.

Payment :

Mode Of payment

Full Payment is requested beforehand via e transfer ( to confirm your order).
Payment may also be made via credit card or cash ( Beforehand).
Cheques are NOT accepted. ( At any time- NO CHEQUES).

Do delivery associates carry change?

Yes. However very limited. Request you to inform beforehand so they are prepared.

Subscription :

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes. However you will then not get any discount associated with the type of subscription (weekly or monthly) and will pay the weekly price.

Can I change my plan later on?

No. This is to avoid any confusion. Hence you are recommended to start with the smallest package and once sure that the quality is right for you, then seek the right package size.

Will you renew my subscription automatically?

No. You will be informed when the subscription is over and only after you approve and make the payment the (new ) subscription will commence.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer various discounts. ( http://bptiffin.com )
Additionally, there may me “surprise” promotions offering further discounts.

Can I request a refund?

Yes, if you discontinue in between a monthly subscription. Discount will be cancelled and the amount will be prorated and refunded either by cheque or by e-transfer.